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How can I find my servers host name?

The server’s hostname is useful as it provides an alternate method of connecting to your hosting services.

You can find your server hostname in a few different ways, as we will list them all below and also explain how:

  1. After a purchase of a hosting plan (package), you will receive an e-mail with a subject – Web Hosting Account Information (also called your Welcome Email).

The e-mail will contain a link, which link is actually your server’s hostname and it looks like this:

server email

If you no longer have the welcome email, the support team can resend it.

2. Another way to check your server’s hostname is through your Client Area, which if you do not know how to access, click here to learn more.

When you log in, locate your hosting plan and the information will be located here ->

tasjeel demo

If you do not know how to locate your hosting plan, click here to find out.

3. One more way to locate your server hostname would be after you’ve actually logged into your hosting plan, as per the steps described here.

After login, you will simply see the server hostname in the address bar of your browser:

email screenshot

What can I use the server hostname for?

You can always use the server hostname to gain access to your services. This is especially useful if there is a problem with your domain name.

Webmail – http://serverhostname/webmail

cPanel – http://serverhostname/cpanel

Email – if for some reason you can’t use you can connect your email client to your home server name

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