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My account’s been suspended, what can I do?

We only suspend accounts when absolutely necessary.

If you are seeing a message that says your website is temporarily offline, then there are two likely reasons:

Your hosting plan is overdue

Hosting invoices are raised seven days before the renewal date and have a further seven days grace after the renewal date – giving a two-week payment window. In that time we will normally send at least 4 email reminders before suspending your account. You can re-activate a site automatically within minutes by logging in and paying the overdue invoice.

Your site or email accounts have been compromised

We operate a broad range of security measures. As part of our security strategy, we scan in real time all file uploads to your website, and periodically we carry out full scans against open source and proprietary malware fingerprint databases.

If these systems detect a match that represents a likely threat to the security of your website content, then we will suspend the account to protect the integrity and reputation of your business, our network and other customers on the same server.

We also monitor unusual email activity. If we find your account is suddenly sending out a large number of email to non-existent addresses, or we begin receiving a lot of complaints regarding email originating from your account, then we will again suspend your account pending investigation.

If this is the reason for your suspension then you will likely have received a Security Notice detailing the issue(s).

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