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How to Check a Domain

by | May 16, 2019 | Domain Name Blog

So, you’ve just thought of the perfect domain name for your website. But how do you know if it’s unique? What if someone else has already registered it? How can you find an alternative domain name? Basically, how do you check a domain?

These are important questions, and we’ll answer them all in this guide.

Check a Domain with Our Search Tool

The best way to check a domain is to use an online domain search tool. All the best domain registrars have search tools on their websites. (We have a great one on our domain searchpage!)

No Need to Wait!

The tool will run a real-time check of the international domain name databases. That means there’s no long wait; you’ll know right away whether your dream domain is available.

Finding Alternative Domain Names

It can be annoying to find that someone else has already registered your favourite domain name! But it’s easy to find alternatives. When you run a search, our domain suggestion tool automatically creates a whole list of possibilities. It also shows you alternatives using different top-level domains – like .com, .co and .ae.

This feature also makes our tool perfect if you’re having trouble picking a domain name. Sometimes you might even find that the tool suggests an alternative domain name that’s better than your original idea!

Use a Domain Broker to Get Your Dream Domains

What happens if you check a domain and find it’s taken, but the alternatives aren’t quite right? It could be time to use a domain broker. Domain brokers are experts in negotiating the purchase of pre-owned domains.

Are Domain Brokers Expensive?

You will have to pay more than you would for an unregistered domain name. The current owner will probably want a higher price than a standard registration fee, and the domain broker will charge a commission. Even so, getting the perfect domain could support the success of your business, and you might feel that the extra money is worth spending.