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Transfer a Domain Name

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Domain Name Blog

What happens if you’re unhappy with your current domain registrar? Is it possible to transfer a domain name – or are you stuck forever?

In this article, we’ll explain all. First, we’ll look at why you might want to switch between registrars. Then, we’ll look at how the domain transfer process works.

Why Move a Domain

There are three main reasons why people choose to transfer a domain:

Better Value

As a business owner, it makes sense to seek out the best value. Domain registration fees can vary between providers, so transferring can be a great way to save money.

Better Service

Cheap domain registrations are great, but what happens if you need a little help? Not all domain registrars offer reliable and expert support. Transferring can be the best way to access better service.

Combined Domain Registration and Hosting

You can register a domain with one company and pay for web hosting with another. Sometimes, there are good reasons for doing this, but choosing combined domain registration and hosting makes things simpler.

The Domain Transfer Process

Many people believe that it’s difficult to change domain registrar. In fact, the process is as simple as 1,2,3!

How Do I Transfer a Domain to Another Registrar?

  1. First, get an Auth Code to allow the transfer.
  2. Then head over to your new registrar’s website, enter your domain and Auth Code, and buy a domain transfer.
  3. Your new registrar might contact you for confirmation – this will complete the domain transfer process.

What is an Auth Code?

An Auth Code is a unique code that unlocks a domain. This allows a domain name transfer to go through. Auth Codes are known by a few different names, including Auth-Info Codes and authorisation codes. Some domain registrars also call them EPP codes, while others call them transfer secrets.

Learn More: Wikipedia’s article on Auth Codes includes technical details on how they work.

How Can I Get an Authorisation Code for My Domain?

 If you have a generic top-level domain (like a .com, .net or .info domain), you’ll need to get the authorisation code from your current registrar. If you have a .ae or .emarat domain, you can get your authorisation code here.

Learn More from ICANN

ICANN is the global organisation that manages domain names. ICANN has created a page to answer many frequently asked questions about transferring your domain name.

Transfer to

Here at, we’re passionate about great value – and great service. If you switch to us, you’ll benefit from both.

Is Transferring a Domain Free?

When you transfer a domain name, you’ll need to pay the equivalent of a one-year domain registration fee. But we’ll automatically add one extra year on the end of your current registration period. That means you won’t lose out by moving a domain to us.

Come and Join Us

You can switch to us easily, using the 3-step domain transfer process listed above. We’ve even created handy guides for switching from specific registrars. It takes less than a week to complete most transfers. .ae transfers are even faster and usually take just 48 hours.

To learn more or start the process, visit our domain transfer page.