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What is a Domain Name Registrar?

by | Mar 11, 2019 | Domain Name Blog

Domain name registrars help businesses or individuals to register domain names – in other words, addresses for their websites. Every site on the internet needs a unique domain name. This makes it easy for people to navigate the web, just by entering a website’s address into their browser. You can learn more about domain names here.

Domain registrars must be accredited by domain registries. These are official organisations that manage the generic top-level domains like .com, .net and .me. Meanwhile, national registries like the .aeDA manage the country code top-level domains like .ae.

What do UAE Domain Registrars Offer?

There are many registrars located all around the world, but working with a local registrar is usually the best choice. If you’re based in the UAE, or want to reach out to that audience, then a UAE domain registrar will offer you the best options.

.ae Domains

An accredited UAE domain registrar will be able to sell you a .ae domain name. These domains are attractive if your business trades in the UAE, because customers will instantly recognise your website as a local one. The registrar will also take care of the admin involved in legally registering you as the domain’s owner. This will ensure that no-one else can claim it.

The best UAE domain name registrars also offer .com domain registrations. These are ideal for ambitious business owners who want to appeal to a global audience.

What Does Do?

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