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Powerful Email Spam Protection

Hate spam? Us too! Block it before it lands in your inbox, with our Inbound Anti-Spam solution.

Blocks spam and email-distributed malware
Quick and easy set-up
Compatible with many email plans (see FAQs for full details)

How Does Inbound Anti-Spam Work?

Inbound Anti-Spam works hard behind the scenes to protect your inbox from a range of nasties. Here’s how it does it:

Secure Email Scanning

Inbound Anti-Spam uses a secure scanning system to check your incoming emails for spam, viruses and other malware.

Powerful Spam Filtering

Inbound Anti-Spam filters out a high proportion of spam and other nasties, while letting the mail you actually want through to your inbox.

Simple User Control

Inbound Anti-Spam is very accurate, but you can use the control panel to access blocked emails.

Always Improving

Inbound Anti-Spam is always improving, thanks to self-learning technology designed to boost filtering accuracy.


Eliminate Spam and Viruses from email before they ever reach your network


Price Per Domain Name

What’s Included

Full Inbox Protection

Easy Configuration

Various Reporting Options

99.98% Accurate Filtering

Increase inbound email continuity and redundancy

Friendly interface to keep you in control

Compatible with any mail server


Outgoing Spam Filtering


Prevent Spam and Viruses from ever unknowlingly leaving your network


Price Per Domain Name

What’s Included

No more blacklisting

Avoid de-listing related costs

Protect the reputation of your brand and IT systems

Increase outbound email continuity and delivery

Improve abuse manageability


Incoming Spam Filtering


Never lost an email again and ensure email data integrityf for compliance


Price Per Domain Name

What’s Included

Includes Incoming & Outgoing Email Filtering

Achieve Legal Compliance

User Friendly Data-protection Management

Compressed, Encrypted and Secure Archive

Never Lose an Email Again!

Improve IT Sytem Performance

Added Email Continuity, Journaling Support, and Easy Re-delivery

*Free 1-year .ae or .com domain registration included with 1 or 3-year hosting plans

Benefits & Advantages

Our solution is powerful, up to date and easy to use. Discover the main benefits and advantages…

Wide-Ranging Protection

Inbound Anti-Spam protects against a wide range of spam and email security threats:

  • Spam and phishing emails
  • Emails spreading viruses, ransomware and other malware

Easy Set Up

It only takes a few clicks to set-up Inbound Anti-Spam on your email account. Once it’s set up, you can get on with running your business, while Inbound Anti-Spam protects you in the background.

Regular Updates

Inbound Anti-Spam gets regular updates to tackle the latest threats. The system constantly analyses filtering data. New spam campaigns are quickly detected, and real-time updates protect other users from them.

Boosted Resilience

Inbound Anti-Spam boosts resilience to server downtime. Instead of being bounced/lost, incoming mail is queued during email server drop-outs. Better yet, you can even read and reply to queued messages.


Frequently asked questions

What is spam email?

Spam is another name for junk email. Just like physical junk mail, spam is often designed to sell products or services. But some spam emails are used to spread viruses or other malware.

Spam is very different to targeted emails sent out by companies to their own customers and subscribers. That’s because spammers often send emails to random groups of people who are unlikely to have any interest in their content.

Are spam emails common?

Yes, unfortunately spam email is very common. Many studies suggest that at least 45% of all emails are spam. Businesses may receive much more spam than this, partly because they often share their email addresses widely, or even publish them online.

Are spam emails dangerous?

All spam is annoying – but some can be dangerous too. Dangerous spam emails can include links to infected websites that spread malware to visitors’ computers. Other spam email may include malware more directly, often as an infected email attachment.

Cybercriminals sometimes use spam for phishing. Phishing emails often include links to websites that look legitimate, but harvest visitors’ credit card data, personal information or bank details.

What is spam filtering?

Spam filtering is simply a way of identifying and rejecting spam email, before it arrives in your inbox. Meanwhile, the spam filter should allow regular, ‘non-spam’ emails to arrive as normal.

Using a good spam filter can save you the wasted time and headaches of dealing with an inbox full of spam. It can also help protect your systems from email-based malware attacks.

Which email plans does Inbound Anti-Spam work with?

Inbound Anti-Spam is compatible with many/all of the email plans we offer, including:

  • Email included with our web hosting, WordPress hosting, Website Builder, and all other website hosting plans.
  • Custom email addresses included in our domain registration plans.
  • Email hosting plans from 3rd parties 

Unfortunately, Inbound Anti-Spam is not compatible with:

  • Our Google Workspace plans.
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