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Setting Up a Business Email

by | Feb 15, 2023 | Email Hosting

Good communication is a vital part of success in business. By keeping in touch with your customers, you can keep them engaged with your company. Setting up a business email is one of the best ways to achieve this.

In today’s article, we’ll explain how easy it is to set up a dedicated professional business email address. This way, you can impress your customers with a professional email address.

Business Email Address

What is a Business Email?

Business email breaks down into two main parts:

  1. A domain email address (also known as a custom email address).
  2. Email hosting

Let’s look at each of these parts of an email hosting package in turn.

Domain Email Address

Your domain email address will be based on your website address, perhaps matching your business name.

For example, our own customers can email [email protected] to contact our team. This address is based on our domain name – As well as looking professional, it’s intuitive and easy to remember.

Tip: As you can see, a great email address begins with a great domain. Before you commit, why not consult our guide to picking a domain name?

There’s no doubt that creating a professional email address gives a better impression of any business. Unfortunately, many small business owners try to get by with a free Gmail address – i.e. [email protected].

But before you take this route, it’s worth thinking about how this will look to your customers and potential customers.

Email Hosting

You can think of your email address as the part that’s visible to the world and adds credibility. But behind the scenes, email hosting is just as important.

Email hosting provides storage space for your email. By logging into your account, you can view, reply to and manage messages.

Most modern accounts store your emails online. This way, you can access them anywhere, anytime, with nothing more than a web browser and an internet connection.

The Technical Bit

How does email addressed to you actually arrive in your mailbox?

That comes down to something called the MX record, which stands for ‘Mail Exchange’ record. The MX record makes up part of the DNS record for your domain, which is basically the rules around what your domain should point at and do.

In simple terms, the MX record includes instructions on which mail server should handle your emails.

Forwarding emails

Email Forwarding – A Low-Cost Solution

Some small business owners want a custom email address without email hosting. Possible reasons include preferring your current email account’s interface or wanting to avoid extra costs.

Email forwarding offers a convenient, low-cost solution. It involves two main steps:

  1. Creating a branded email address based on your domain name (for example [email protected].)
  2. Adding your current inbox as the destination for the mail you receive.

Tip: Keep in mind that your domain registrar might already offer a free custom email address and forwarding with your domain name.

If you already have a custom domain, check whether you have a free email address ready and waiting for you. If not, you might consider switching to a domain registrar who provides this.

Here at, a free email address and forwarding is included with domain registrations.

It Pays to Stay Organised

Before using email forwarding this way, it’s worth considering the benefits of hosted email. By setting up a dedicated business email account, you can easily keep business and personal emails separate.

If your business is new, this might not seem like a big issue as you most likely will not have a lot of emails. But if your customer base grows, you’ll quickly realise the convenience of having a separate business email.

And remember that business-class email hosting may pack a bigger punch than free personal email. Depending on your plan, you may benefit from extra storage space, security features, routine backups and expert support.

Get a domain name email address

How to Get a Domain Email Address

As we’ve seen, there are two main options open to you – email forwarding to an existing account and hosted email.

A Hosted email address does not mean they have to be more expensive. We’ve already explained how email forwarding might come free with your domain registration. But email hosting might come free with your website’s hosting package.

Here at, we include a free business email account with our web hosting plans.

Consider Extra Mailboxes

There are other points to consider when setting up a professional business email address. Whether you’re buying a packaged deal from your web hosting company, or a standalone email solution, it’s worth asking whether you need more than one mailbox.

As well as including your domain name (after the @ symbol), your business email address also includes a ‘local part’. (This is the part of the address before the @ symbol.)

To use our own email address as an example, ‘support’ is the local part, while ‘’ is our domain. This comes together to create ‘[email protected]’. Simple!

Depending on your business email plan, you might be able to create extra mailboxes using a different local part for each. For example, you might want:

You might also want to give your staff their own mailboxes for a personal touch. For instance, [email protected], this makes it easier for large teams to stay on top of business communications.

Find Your Own Style

Extra mailboxes allow you to create a unique communication style for your business. Notice how [email protected] looks friendly and approachable, while [email protected] feels more formal.

You could even create different mailboxes for different customer demographics – or linked to specific business activities.

However you do it, make sure the local part is clear, easy to spell and appropriate for your audience.

Unlimited Email Addresses

If you need separate mailboxes for any of the reasons above, make sure your plan covers this.

Large companies will benefit from unlimited email addresses right from the outset. With unlimited options, you’ll be able to give every department and team member a unique and professional email address.

We also recommend unlimited mailboxes for business owners who want to grow a business online quickly – without the hassle of upgrading their plan.

Other Features to Look For

  • Storage Space – It’s important to check that your email plan includes enough storage space for the amount of mail you receive and save.
  • Webmail Access – Most good business email plans allow you to access your email via a web browser on any modern device.
  • Compatibility – If you prefer to use an email client, like Outlook, it’s important to check your business email plan is compatible.
  • Catch-All Facility – What if a customer mistypes and sends something to [email protected]? With a catch-all set up, the email will still arrive at your chosen mailbox.
  • Routine Backups – Regular, scheduled backups are a hassle-free way to add peace of mind.
  • Round-the-Clock Support – Professional support could save your business from lengthy downtime if things go wrong.

Start Today

Whether you’re looking for simple, affordable email forwarding, or a full-featured hosted email plan, we have options to suit your needs. Create a business email with us and take advantage of our customer service and other benefits.

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