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How to check/fetch an email on Apple/iOS?

You can set an automatic email sync frequently but should you want to manually check for new emails, then you must go through this tutorial. However, before checking for new emails, you must make sure that you have already added your email account. Otherwise, examine our tutorial on How to add an email account on iPhone/iOS”.

1. Open the main screen of your Apple Mobile and click on the “Mail” Icon.
apple iphone home screen

2. Under Mailboxes, tap on Inbox.
Iphone mailbox

3. If it automatically starts syncing, you will need to wait for a few seconds. Otherwise, manually tap on the screen and it will display “Checking for Mails..
Iphone mailbox search

4. Congratulations. You learned how to manually check emails. If any email comes in your inbox, it will be displayed. If no new email has arrived, you will see an empty box.
Iphone mailbox - test message

Note: If you want to automatically sync messages every 15 to 30 minutes or do it manually yourself, we suggest that you go through our “Automatically sync/fetch email” tutorial.

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