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Keep Passwords Safe

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Blog

In this article, we’ll cover why it’s important that you keep passwords safe. If you find yourself wondering how safe autofill passwords are and how to set strong passwords then read on; as we’ll be covering those topics too! If you are building an online business, then this is a must-read.


Why Do You Need To Keep Your Passwords Safe?

Much like the keys for your home or office, you should keep passwords safe at all times to safeguard against the possibility of comprising data. Unauthorised access to your and your business’ online accounts allows hackers to steal your data.

There are a few reasons that stick out when asking the above question:

  • Financial implications for your business: according to an IBM report published in July 2019 the average cost of a data breach to a small/medium sized business worldwide with less than 500 employees is $2.5 million;
  • Misuse of accounts: this is especially important when applied to social media like Twitter and Facebook. Comprised passwords allow hackers to use your accounts for malicious purposes.
  • Loss of data: Lost data occurs when someone accesses your business accounts without authorisation. This renders the information irretrievable and therefor lost.

Autofill Passwords: Are They Safe?

Autofill passwords key feature is to offer user passwords instantly, and this feature is also its biggest flaw. It saves your passwords in the web browser and make it easy for you to access them at any given time should you wish to.


Auto Fill Password Solution

We would suggest a free of charge (subscriptions for more features are available) password manager, which stores all your passwords in a secure location and uses multi-factor authentication (like SMS codes) to ensure they stay safe.


There are several services out there, like LastPass and RoboForm, which are both easy to use and have browser plugins for Firefox and Chrome among others. Of course, they are available to customers in the UAE.


The plugins will allow you to save a password much like autofill will. So when you’re setting up that new business email account you won’t have to worry about remembering the password or if it is safe!


Tips for Creating a Strong Password

There are a few things we would recommend when creating a strong password for your business:

  • Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters;
  • Include numbers and don’t repeat them (222 for example);
  • Include special characters like ?, ! and #;
  • Don’t use dates, names or other phrases that are easily associated with you or your business.