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7 Website Builder Tips

by | Sep 20, 2019 | Website Hosting Blog

Every company and entrepreneur needs a website in this day and age. A website is a window into the products and services you produce and sell. It gives clients and customers the chance to see what you have to offer.

Building a website can be overwhelming. Do you hire a freelancer or company to create the website for you? Or do you use the myriad of DIY website builder tools out there to craft your own website?


What is a Website Builder?

A website builder is a product aimed at non-technical or self-starters for building a website for their company, business, or personal needs. There are no fees involved as you have no need for someone else to craft it. You simply need a computer, keyboard, and mouse to build the website. Creating your own website isn’t as difficult as it may sound and these website builder tips will help you craft your ideal site on the Internet. Here are 7 website builder tips for you to get started today.


Have a Goal

When you are building a website for yourself or your business, you need to have a clear goal in mind for the end product. Whether it is information or a call to action, you know what you want to convey more than anyone else. A website without a purpose isn’t helpful to you or potential clients.


Tell Clients How They Will Benefit

You can have the best designed website in the world, but without a clear message clients won’t know what you can do for them. Rather than explaining what you do in overly complicated language, tell clients how they will benefit from your products or services.


Website Builder Research


Research Website Design for Inspiration

It is difficult to come up with an idea for your first website design, so research similar companies for inspiration. One of the best website builder tips is to find out what works for other brands and to use those ideas to make your own great looking website.


Buy a Domain Name

You can improve your legitimacy by having your own domain name and not using free domain names. A website with a .ae, .com, .net., or .org are far more professional. It is also easier for customers to remember your website’s name when it is simply .com. Using a free domain name from Wix, WordPress, Squarespace not only lacks professionalism, but it is not SEO friendly. The more SEO friendly your professional website is; the more people will visit it.


Use a Pre-Made Theme

One of the best reasons to use a website builder is many of them have pre-made themes. This allows you to simply choose a great looking theme and enter all the info, images, and other items you need.


Use Simple Website Design

It is easy to go crazy with your website design. However, the simplest websites are often times the best for customers to use. When building a website be sure to keep it as simple as possible and don’t overthink things.


Don’t Use Cheesy Photos

Cheap, cheesy stock photos can ruin a website. You should invest into the images you want to use on your website or possibly use pictures you have taken. Your images can make or break the site.


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