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WordPress Hosting vs Web Hosting

by | Jan 14, 2019 | Website Hosting Blog

Wordpress hosting and web hosting are effective hosting options that power high-performing websites which is a must for modern businesses. Every website needs somewhere to ‘live’ on the internet – and that’s where website hosting plans come in. Hosting provides a business with space and resources on a server, so their website is accessible to visitors online.

When comparing website hosting options, it’s important to choose the plan that works best for your website, and delivers the optimum blend of performance, security, convenience, and affordability. There are actually many types of hosting available, but two of the most popular are managed WordPress hosting, and general-purpose web hosting. In this article, we’ll compare both, as well as looking at two alternatives sometimes used by the largest of businesses. 

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is hosting that’s tailored specifically to the demands of WordPress websites. Since being developed in 2003, WordPress has become the world’s leading content management system, and today supports around 30% of all websites globally.


Why Choose Managed WordPress Hosting?

If you already have a WordPress website (or want to build one), then choosing managed WordPress hosting isn’t essential, but it can have advantages:

Like all websites, WordPress websites live on servers, and those servers must have the WordPress software installed. When you select managed WordPress hosting, the plan will include automatic WordPress installation, saving you time and effort.

What’s more, the server itself will have been preconfigured to best support WordPress. That can result in superior speed, better reliability, and ultimately, an enhanced experience for your website’s visitors.

Perhaps the greatest benefit is the fact that the WordPress software will be managed to maintain performance and security. That means you’re free from the burden of updating WordPress’ core files, or resolving glitches, and can instead focus your time and energy on running your business!

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting provides businesses with the storage space and resources they need to make their websites available to online visitors.


Why Choose Web Hosting?

Unlike specialised WordPress hosting, general-purpose web hosting is suitable for a wide array of websites built using multiple content management systems. If you have (or want to develop) a website that uses Drupal, Joomla, Magento, or many other popular systems, then web hosting is the right way to go.

It’s also perfectly possible to buy a standard web hosting plan for your WordPress website – you’ll just need to do a little more work to install, configure, and maintain things correctly.

Web hosting plans are typically a little cheaper than WordPress hosting options, so if you’re willing to do a little more of the behind-the-scenes work yourself, then choosing standard web hosting can be a smart way to reduce your overheads.


Other Types of Hosting

WordPress hosting and standard web hosting packages work well for the vast majority of businesses. That said, some businesses may need to develop larger, more advanced websites that require exceptional resources to run correctly. In these cases, it can be necessary to look at options like using a Virtual Private Server (VPS), or even a dedicated server.

These types of hosting offer the very best performance, reliability, and flexibility, but they often come with the need for the website owner to perform more advanced configuration, and more intensive maintenance. It’s also worth remembering that while a VPS or dedicated server will deliver better performance for large, resource- hungry sites, most websites don’t fall into this category, and the performance boost for smaller sites may be negligible.

Ultimately, the type of website hosting you choose will depend on your unique needs. If you’re confused by the options, then our experts can walk you through the plans we offer. Simply contact us to get started.


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