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Name Servers under

What are Name Servers under ?

They are the Name servers under your own domain name, for example and

What are the Name Server IP addresses?

These are the IP addresses of your authoritative domain name server corresponding to the above.

What are the benefits of having own Name Servers?

Other than "branding" reasons, there are no other real benefits. Many choose to have their own name servers for simply branding reasons. You can also use the already existing name servers defined with the above IP addresses.

How do I get my Name Servers setup?

From the TASJEEL.AE billing control panel select "Register Nameservers" from your domain name management portal under "My Domains". You will then be able to "Register a Name Server Name", "Modify a NameServer IP", "Delete a NameServer".

Name servers under have been registered, now what?

Once your name servers are created.  You can then change the name servers of your domains to your newly created name servers from your domain name management portal under "My Domains".

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