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We work with industry regulators and leading tech companies to deliver unbeatable solutions for online businesses in the UAE and Middle East.

.ae Domain Administration Authority

.ae is the UAE’s Top-Level Domain (TLD). The .ae TLD is regulated by the .ae Domain Administration (.aeDA). is proud to be a .aeDA accredited registrar, and is committed to the growth of .ae domains.


cPanel is a powerful but easy-to-use control panel for web servers. With its clean interface and point-and-click approach, cPanel makes it possible for anyone to configure their server just how they want it.

Cloud Linux

The CloudLinux operating system is built on CentOS – a robust and proven server OS. CloudLinux ensures servers remain stable and secure, underpinning rock-solid performance for hosted websites.


The clue is in the name: LiteSpeed develops light but powerful software to speed-up webservers! LiteSpeed solutions include LiteSpeed Web Server, OpenLiteSpeed and LSCache plugins.

Imunify 360

The Imunify 360 security suite provides diverse and multi-layered protection for Linux servers. From malware to vulnerability exploits and web-based attacks, Imunify360 guards against a wide range of threats.

Jet Backup

Routine backups are the gold-standard way to protect against lengthy downtime and data loss. JetBackup makes it simple to automate backups and – if the worst happens – to restore a backed-up website fast.

Spam Experts

SpamExperts from N-Able delivers powerful spam-filtering, underpinned by self-learning algorithms. It offers diverse protection from unwanted marketing emails to phishing, ransomware and related malware threats.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services is a powerful, scalable cloud computing platform trusted by millions of users globally. AWS turns hardware into a service, offering hosting capacity, resources and power, on demand.

Microsoft Azure

Like AWS, Azure empowers partners to access the massive capabilities of the cloud. Azure is a leading cloud solution from one of the best-known, most trusted and largest of all tech companies – Microsoft.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is our third major cloud computing-platform partner. Offering infrastructure as a service, the Digital Ocean platform allows us to tap the resources of the company’s global data centres.

Telecommunication Regulatory Authority - Kingdom of Bahrain

.bh is Bahrain’s Top-Level Domain (TLD). The .bh TLD is regulated by Bahrain’s Telecommunication Regulatory Authority. At, we’re proud to be an officially accredited registrar for .bh domains.

Communication Regulatory Authority - State of Qatar

.qa is Qatar’s Top-Level Domain (TLD), and is regulated by Qatar’s Communication Regulatory Authority (CRA). As an officially accredited registrar, is proud to offer .qa domains. is part of Host Arabia FZ-LLC a UAE registered company in Ras Al Khaimah. Commercial license number 5004593. VAT registration number 100018819100003.
Registered Address:, RAKEZ Business Zone-FZ, RAK, UAE.

All prices exclude VAT, which is charged based on the location where a service is deemed to be used by a customer.