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Managed Cloud Website Hosting for the UAE

High-performing and hassle-free, our managed dedicated cloud servers will empower your business to reach new levels of success!

Exclusively Cloud Based

Tasjeel managed cloud website hosting uses the multi-billion-dollar infrastructure developed by giants in the cloud sector, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and DigitalOcean.

You Choose the Cloud. We’ll Fully Manage It for You.

Our Locations

Because our managed hosting solutions are built on giant cloud providers’ platforms, we can give businesses in the UAE (and beyond) a truly global reach. For optimal speed and performance, simply choose a location that’s local to your customers. You can even choose multiple providers and locations if you have more than one website.

We set up each system identically, so you’ll always enjoy the consistent performance you expect – even when using different cloud hosting providers and server locations.


Because we use Terraform to control our servers, we’re not limited to just one provider. Terraform’s powerful management capabilities allow us to deliver an automated, highly reliable experience for every client. That means you can enjoy all the benefits of cloud website hosting, including:

The Latest Hardware

Replacing cloud hosting hardware on demand, without downtime or losses to your business. That means you’ll never find yourself tied to an ageing server.

Instant Trouble-Shooting

Problems with hardware or networking are fixed automatically… You’ll probably never even know there was an issue!

Global Resilience

Using multiple hosting providers to run our global data centres help us deliver the ultimate service of reliability and resilience.

Cost Savings

Giants like Amazon, Google and DigitalOcean offer cost-effective dedicated cloud hosting – and without the costs of running our own data centres, we can pass the savings on to you!

Key Features of Our Cloud Hosting

Consistency is at the heart of our approach. Identical configurations and central management mean that carefully tested performance updates happen automatically everywhere.


Our server configuration state is centrally managed via Ansible. Once configured by our network HQ rules get applied to all systems by the program.


We provide cPanel with every web server, for an easy, consistent experience.


Need extra storage or memory? There’s no need to apply for a new plan, our hosting is truly unlimited and we’ll upgrade your server automatically.

WordPress Optimised

Why pay more for specialised WordPress hosting? Tasjeel’s managed cloud servers are perfectly configured for fast WordPress speeds, and we include several useful WordPress tools.

1-Click Apps

Enjoy the convenience of 1-click installation and configuration of over 200 apps, all thanks to the Softaculous auto installer, provided free with every server.

Daily Backups

For total peace of mind, every plan includes daily off-site backups. You can explore and even restore your backups within cPanel, all thanks to JetBackup which we provide free.

Managed Dedicated Cloud Servers: Technical Specs

The exact details of your server configuration will depend on the provider and location you select.

SSD Disks Only

We use SSD disks exclusively. By avoiding mechanical hard drives, we can deliver faster speeds and better reliability.

Uncapped Data Transfers

Provided your server is used for website hosting, we won’t apply data transfer caps to limit your monthly usage.

Malware Protection

We use custom malware scanners to detect and patch vulnerabilities, fast.

Redis & Memcache

We add Redis and Memcache to all dedicated cloud servers, allowing you to boost the speed of complex websites.

1-Gbit Port Speed

Every server delivers a minimum 1-Gbit port speed to ensure fast uploads and connections.

Protected Mail Reputation

By using managed mail servers and scanning all outgoing messages we can ensure higher delivery rates and avoid your server becoming blacklisted.

Configurable Settings

Our default configuration is perfect for many users, but you can make changes if required. cPanel allows you to configure your own PHP settings.

Anycast DNS

We use an anycast DNS service for maximum performance. Our nameservers are non-branded, by default, but you can easily select our white label option if you want to create your own, and set up a custom hostname for your server.

Managed Cloud Website Hosting – FAQs

Can I choose the server location?

Yes, you can choose between our providers (Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean and Google Cloud) and their global locations when you sign up.

Where is based?

Tasjeel is based in the UAE and is one of the country’s best-known domain registrars and web hosting providers. Our service providers have a global presence and maintain teams worldwide.

Can you help me migrate my website?

Yes – we have a specialist website migration team on hand to help you. Just open a migration request ticket and we’ll take care of the hard work!

I already rent a cloud server – can you manage that?

Unfortunately not, we only manage cloud servers held under our own provider accounts. This is done to maximise security and control, and a senior team of sysadmins have exclusive access.

How fast is the network speed?

Even our most basic cloud website hosting plans provide speeds of 1 Gbit/s+. Speed and network tests are available on request.

What Control Panel do you use?

We provide cPanel, the world’s most popular control panel. In addition, we add Softaculous, the powerful auto-installer, and JetBackup for easy backups.

Is root access available?

No, the aim of our fully managed cloud website hosting is to save you the hassle of performing complex sysadmin duties. If you prefer to look after your server management personally, then we recommend a non-managed solution available directly from our cloud hosting providers. is part of Host Arabia FZ-LLC a UAE registered company in Ras Al Khaimah. Commercial license number 5004593. VAT registration number 100018819100003.
Registered Address:, RAKEZ Business Zone-FZ, RAK, UAE.

All prices exclude VAT, which is charged based on the location where a service is deemed to be used by a customer.

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