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Buy an SSL Certificate for Security and Trust

  • Secure your website traffic with powerful encryption
  • Say ‘goodbye’ to scary browser warnings
  • Reassure visitors with the SSL padlock icon

Types of SSL Certificates



Best For: Low-Cost Encryption on Simple Websites

Validation: Domain Validation
Covers: 1 Domain
Warranty: None
Available In: 1 Hr.



Best For: Websites With Multiple Subdomains

Validation: Domain Validation
Covers: 1 Domain (Unlimited Subdomains)
Warranty: $10,000 USD
Available In: 1 Hr.



Best For: Building Trust With Enhanced Authentication

Validation: Extended Validation
Covers: 1 Domain
Warranty: $1,000,000 USD
Available In: 3-5 Business Days

Features & Benefits

You’ll enjoy the following features and benefits when you buy an SSL certificate from


Compatible with virtually all modern web browsers


Supports robust encryption (256-bit SHA2)


Generates the reassuring browser padlock symbol


Easy DIY installation


Backed by round-the-clock support


Certificates issued by Sectigo


Frequently asked questions

What is SSL short for?

SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer. This is a secure way of sending data back and forth between a website and a visitor’s web browser. Encryption secures data by scrambling code sent from the browser to the user. This way, if someone intercepts the data, they shouldn’t be able to understand it.

Do I need SSL on my website?

Some types of websites should always use SSL as standard. If you need visitors to provide or access sensitive information, you should definitely be using SSL. This usually applies to:

  • Ecommerce websites.
  • Medical websites thats share or send patient details.
  • Employers’/recruiters’ websites that share and send employee details.
  • Membership websites where users sign in to accounts.

These are just a few examples. Many other types of websites also need SSL

Does SSL help SEO?

Yes, SSL has become a positive Google ranking factor in recent years. SSL is only a small factor, but if you’re serious about boosting your position in search, it might be worth making the switch.

What is a wildcard SSL certificate?

A wildcard SSL certificate covers more than one subdomain on the same domain. If your website has subdomains, then you’ll need a wildcard SSL certificate to secure them all.

How can I tell if my website has subdomains?

Subdomains add an extra part at the start of the website address, like this: If your website has areas like,, or similar, then it has subdomains.

Some websites have subdomains to present content in different languages, different locations, or different currencies. For example, a subdomain like might present tailored content to English-speaking visitors (en) in the United States (us).

Domain validation vs extended validation – what’s the difference?

Domain validation is a basic type of validation. These SSL certificates reassure visitors that they’re on secure website. But they don’t include information about the business that owns that website.

Extended validation certificates show that the connection is secure. But they also include verified business information, like the business’ registered name and address. This can help reassure visitors that they’re on the right website, and they’re not being phishing.

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