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How to Register a Domain Name in the UAE

by | Apr 3, 2024 | .ae Domains

Are you a business looking for a solid digital presence in the UAE? If so, You’ll need a “.ae” domain for your website. With an ae domain you’re aligning yourself with the credibility and recognition that the UAE provides. You signal to the world and your customers your serious commitment and strategic positioning within the region. 

Missing Opportunities

Without it, it’s like a business trying to operate a UK business without the “” suffix. You’re setting yourself up to miss out on so many opportunities. Both in terms of SEO and familiarity with your customers.

But where do you start when registering a Domain Name in the UAE? 

Registering a domain name may appear technically overwhelming, but rest assured it is not. In fact the process is user-friendly and straightforward.

Let’s get into it.

An Introduction to the ccTLD for the UAE

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ccTLD stands for Country Code Top Level Domain, and that’s precisely what the “ae” suffix is. This also covers, for example, ‘uk’ for the United Kingdom and ‘ca’ for Canada.

For the UAE, our special ccTLD is ‘.ae’ And your ‘ae’ domain is your business’s label uniquely associated with the UAE.

So why go for an ae domain name?

  • It positions your business as UAE-centric, and we all know the stature of the UAE market.
  • It aids in targeting local search traffic.
  • It builds trust among local consumers who prefer a homegrown online presence.

Understanding Accredited Registrars and Their Significance

Now, to get yourself a “.ae” domain, you need to purchase one from a registrar, but not just any registrar you see online. You need to be working with an ‘accredited registrar.’

Simply put, accredited registrars are the official companies permitted to register domain names. They handle all the technical and legal behind-the-scenes work. This is it to ensure your domain registration and operation is as smooth as it should be.

Finding Your Accredited Registrar

Choosing an accredited registrar isn’t a one-size-fits-all game. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Credibility counts: Look for established names with a sterling track record.
  • Service scope: Some offer extra services, like hosting and integrated website security. These can help streamline your online presence’s management.
  • Cost considerations: Ensure your choice offers value and aligns with your budget. Some services will cost more than others.

How to Search Domain Names

Searching for a domain name

With the basics out of the way, now it’s time to actively think about getting a professional domain for your business. To do this, you need to get creative and think of a domain that will adequately represent your business. Do this before searching to see if it’s unique and available.

Tips for Choosing a Domain

So, come up with some names. Some elements to consider while choosing a domain name include:

  1. Relevance to Business: Your domain name should reflect your business name or your services. Keep it resonant and targeted.
  1. Simplicity: An easy-to-remember, uncomplicated domain name enables potential customers to recall your website effortlessly.
  1. Cultural Sensitivity: Ensure your domain name respects the UAE’s cultural sensibilities and norms.

Once you’ve found a few you like the sound of, you’ll need to check it’s available:

  1. Visit an accredited registrar’s website (such as “” or
  2. Use their domain search tool to enter your desired domain name.
  3. The tool will instantly tell you if the domain is available or suggest other variations.

Alt: A screenshot of domain provider

To ae or to com?

Now, a commonly pondered question in the UAE is whether to choose ‘ae’ or ‘com’. 

While ‘com’ has global recognition, ‘ae’ demonstrates your commitment to the UAE. This supports the local market and helps in targeting local search traffic. You should use your business goals and target audience to help direct this decision.

The Registration Process for Your Domain Name

search for domains with

Once you’ve found a domain name you both like and is available, it’s time to register it in your name. Here are the simple steps you need to follow:

Step by Step Guide To Domain Registration

  1. Head over to the Tasjeel accredited registrar website
  1. Type your domain in the search tool to confirm the availability of your chosen name and to see the price
  1. If you’re happy with the details, accept and begin the registration process by following the onscreen instructions
  1. Fill up the details requested — business, contact, and technical information
  1. Review your details and hit ‘submit.’
  1. Pay the associated fees (Check out for any discounts!)

Things to Look out For When Registering a Domain

Even though the process is straightforward, a couple of hitches might crop up –

Your dream domain name is taken? 

Consider a creative variation or use a different extension. Don’t forget to keep it short and memorable. The longer a domain is, the more chance there is of someone typing it in wrong.

Technical glitches at the registrar’s end? 

Their customer support is there to help. Since this is such an important process, you must ensure you get it right. Therefore, don’t be afraid to slow down and ask for help if you need it.

Payment issues? 

Check out various payment options and choose the one that suits you.


Embarking on your ‘.ae’ domain registration journey is much more than a business task. It’s a strategic step towards a strong, credible digital presence in the UAE. Remember, every great online journey begins with that perfect domain name! 

So why delay? 

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