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How to Register a Domain in the UAE

by | Jun 30, 2023 | .ae Domains

Are you looking to register a domain name in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? You’ve come to the right place: we will guide you through the process of registering an ae domain. the country code top-level domain or ccTLD for the UAE. We’ll also explain what all the jargon means around domains.

Firstly, Whats a Domain

First, let’s quickly go over what a domain name is. A domain name is a unique identifier that represents a website on the internet for humans who are looking for it. It consists of two parts: the domain name and the domain extension. (Yes, “domain name” refers to both the whole thing, and the part that’s to the left of the dot!)

We go into more detail on domain names in our previous article, What is a Domain Name.

Breaking Down a Domain Name

The part to the right of the dot is the TLD (or Top-Level Domain). TLDs break down into generic TLDs (such as .COM, .NET, and .BIZA) and ccTLDs for specific countries.

In the case of the UAE, the domain extension is .AE. The domain name can be anything you choose, as long as it is available and follows certain guidelines… for example,! It has a certain ring to it right?

The Perfect Name from the Right Source

To register a .AE domain, you will need to go through an accredited registrar. These are companies the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) authorise. These are regulator here in the Emirates—to register domains on behalf of customers. There are several accredited registrars in the UAE, of which we are proud to be one.

Deciding Your Domain Name

Before you start the registration process, you will need to decide on your domain name and see if it’s available. Ideally you’ll want to secure the exact match domain name for your company. Also for your brand, or project, or get as close as possible. We have an easy tool for this:

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There Are a Few Rules A Domain

Once you’ve found the perfect name, then you must make sure it follows the guidelines set by the TRA.


The guidelines state that domain names must be between 3 and 30 characters long.


They can only contain letters, numbers, and hyphens, and cannot start or end with a hyphen.

Prohibited Words

Also, Domain names also prohibit certain words. These include words such as those that are offensive or related to illegal activities.

Note that these rules are specific to .AE extensions; other extensions will have different rules. There are thousands of domain extensions, many of which aren’t even available to the public!

The Right Name for the Right Place

Since the .AE extension literally means “Emirates”, you’ll be showing the world you mean business in the Middle East! Local customers and audiences will know that you have their interests and experiences in mind. You can have an ae domain without being in the Emirates. You can be anywhere in this big, beautiful world.

TRA Guidelines

Once you have decided on your domain name and ensured that it follows the TRA guidelines. You can begin the registration process. If you choose as your registrar, we will guide you through each step of the process. This typically involves providing personal information, such as your name and contact details, and paying a fee for the registration.

Confirmation of Your New Domain

Your can complete this part of the process quite quickly. Then all you have to do is wait for confirmation that the registration is complete. Once confirmed, congratulations—you’re now a domain administrator! This means you will have control over the domain and can manage it as you see fit.

What To Do With Your Domain

The next step is to do something with your brand-new domain. This could be setting up a website, blog, or online shop.

Hosting Your ae Domain

Store you data in a business-friendly country by hosting in the Emirates. Use robust data protection rules! you, your customers, and your audience can connect with peace of mind. Setting up your website and email is as easy as getting the domain!

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Find Your Domain Name

As you can see, registering a domain name in the UAE is a straightforward process. It involves choosing a domain name and making sure it follows the TRA guidelines. Then going through an accredited registrar to complete the registration process.

With the right guidance and a little bit of patience, you can have your very own ae domain. Set up your domain and start you website hosting in no time.