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How to Find Premium Domain Names

by | Sep 9, 2020 | Domain Name Blog

Looking for a unique way to make your website stand out? A premium domain name could set you head and shoulders above the competition. In this easy-to-follow guide, we’ll show you how to find premium domain names.

Before we dive in, we’ll explore the topic in a little more detail. We’ll start by explaining what makes a domain name premium. We’ll also focus on some key benefits – and some famous examples – of premium domains. Let’s begin…

What Makes a Domain Name Premium?

Most premium domain names are:

  • Short (usually just 1-3 words)
  • Catchy and attention grabbing
  • Generic – related to a business sector, but not an individual business name

A premium domain name will tell people what your business does at a glance. Here are 3 famous examples:


It’s easy to guess what you’ll find on each of these websites – and that’s the whole point!

Want to explore more of the world’s most valuable domains? Check out Wikipedia’s list of the most expensive domains.

Now that you understand what makes a domain name premium, let’s look at the wider benefits.

What are the SEO Benefits?

Premium domains aren’t just great for branding. They can also help you start SEO on the right foot. That’s because they give the search engines a clear picture of what your website is about. This can make it a little easier to rank well for relevant search terms.

Are Premium Domains Worth It?

Only you can decide whether a premium domain is a worthwhile investment for your business. The cost of premium domain names varies widely. The examples we listed above all sold for over $5 million USD. That makes them inaccessible to all but the largest companies. But don’t panic! Most premium domains sell for a tiny fraction of this price.

Tip: If you simply can’t afford a premium domain name, it’s worth running a regular domain search to see whether there’s a good unregistered alternative. Our guide to picking a domain name will help you understand what to look for.

For now, we’ll assume that you’re willing to invest a little more to get the very best web presence for your business…

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