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How Do I Build a Website?

by | Jul 3, 2019 | Digital Marketing

In this article, we’ll look at the practical steps behind building a website. We’ll focus on using a website builder, because we believe that’s the simplest way to create a website fast. This is the best approach if you don’t have expert design or development skills.

This article covers building both business and personal websites, as well as looking at hosting options. Many of the points in the business website section could also apply to personal websites – so be sure to read the full guide!

Hint: If you’re not sure whether to use a website builder, then start by reading our guide to making your own website. In the guide, we’ve compared website builders with other options like WordPress and coding your own website.

Creating a Business Website

Getting your business online can feel like a challenge, but the steps below should help you to create an effective business website.

Choosing a Template

The look you choose for your website will become a big part of your brand image. Most website builders include templates – sometimes called themes. Our own website builder includes templates designed for lots of different business sectors.

Choosing a template is as simple as clicking the one you like! You can adapt that template to create a unique look for your website. Again, any good website builder will make this easy – ours even includes the option to edit your site’s code. You don’t have to do it, but the option’s there if you want it.

Adding New Pages

Website builders make it easy to add new pages to your website. You could start out with a single-page site, then add more pages as your business grows. Or, you could build a website with multiple pages straight away. You can also reorder pages – or delete old pages you no longer need.

It’s important that visitors can get to your new pages! Most website builders will automatically add new pages to your navigation menus. You can also add hyperlinks throughout your content – but of course, you’ll need to add that content first…

Adding Content to Your Website

It’s very easy to add content like text and images. Your template will include sample headers, text and pictures. You can edit these to add your own words and images.

Our website builder also includes the option of adding a blog. If you’re in a hurry, it only takes a click to set this up and start posting. But if you wish, you can also tweak the style and layout.

Build an Ecommerce Website

Your website can do more than just advertise your business. If you add ecommerce features, it can become profitable in itself. Your website builder should support ecommerce functions, and make it easy to set up your online store. You should be able to add appealing product images and descriptions. Finally, you should be able to integrate your store with a payment provider who’ll handle your transactions securely.

Hint: Having an SSL certificate is important if you’re planning to sell online. Check that your website builder supports this feature.

Website Builders and SEO

When you create a business website, it’s important that people can find it. You’ll want to increase your website traffic from visitors who are searching for what you offer. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) will help you to achieve that.

Important SEO elements include page titles and page descriptions – you can set these up each time you create a new page. You should also think about each page’s URL. This is the page’s address on the internet.

Each page needs a unique URL, and you should choose something short, clear and search engine optimised. For example, the URL for our Website Builder page is Simple, right?

Your website also needs good code to be search engine friendly. Website builders make it easy to create clean code, without the need to write it manually.

To learn more about SEO, read our guide to the benefits of SEO in the UAE.

Building a Personal Website

If you’re building a personal website, many of the steps above will still apply. You’ll still need to choose a template, add pages, and fill them with content. But you might not be so worried about SEO, and you won’t need advanced features for ecommerce.

In our experience (and we have a lot of that!) when most people build a personal website, they’re most focused on making their project simple, affordable and fun!

Try Before You Buy

When you build a website, it can quickly become a hobby of its own! You could find yourself playing with new designs and adding fresh content frequently. Your personal website can be an expression of the person you are and how you want the world to see you.

That makes it important to make sure you enjoy the web design experience. The easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality of most website builders can make web design a pleasure. Even so, all website builders are different, so it’s a great idea to choose one that offers a free trial. Here at tasjeel, you can try out our website builder free for an incredible 100 days.

How to Host a Website

If you build a website using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or even by hand-coding it, you’ll need to set up website hosting yourself. This isn’t too difficult; you’ll just need to choose a plan that’s right for you.

Hint: The best providers offer specialised hosting for WordPress websites.

Website Builders with Hosting

If you’ve used a website builder, things are even simpler, as many (including ours) come with hosting included in the price. Hosting is actually a big part of what you’re paying for here, so be sure to select a plan that works for you.

If your plan also includes a domain name, then you’ve covered everything all in one easy step… An address for your website, a server for it to live on, and the tools you need to build it. Simple!

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