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Increase Your Website Traffic

by | Apr 5, 2019 | Digital Marketing

If you own a website, then boosting your traffic is one of the best ways to grow your profits. But what practical steps can you take to increase your website traffic? In this article, we’ll look at the best techniques available.

What is Website Traffic?

Website traffic is the number of visits made to your website. The traffic your site gets is one of the best guides to how popular it is. Some websites receive no traffic at all, while the most popular websites attract millions of visitors every day. These visits are sometimes called hits.

How to Increase Hits on Your Site

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one of the best ways to increase your website traffic. Once you’ve optimised your content, Google will be able to interpret what it’s about. As a result, your site will be much more likely to show up for relevant searches. If you’re creating a new site, then choosing a domain name related to your niche and location could help. Next, you’ll need to publish high-quality, optimised content.

SEO takes time, and some website owners try faster methods instead…

Should You Buy Website Traffic?

There are pros and cons to buying website traffic. Paying for online advertising is a reputable way of getting extra traffic. Using Google Ads, you can place ads right at the top of the search results pages. This can be expensive if you trade in a competitive sector.

Some providers will sell you a set number of visits to your website. Unfortunately, these ‘visits’ sometimes come from bots and proxies – not real humans. Even if the visitors are real people, you need to be sure they’re genuinely interested in your website.

Quality, not Quantity

Increasing your website traffic isn’t always a good thing. Let’s say your website sells ceiling fans to customers in the UAE. Visits from people in Beijing searching for hand-held fans would represent poor-quality traffic.

Adding high-quality website traffic could boost your profits, but poor-quality traffic won’t. If you buy website traffic, then it’s vital to ensure that it comes from high-quality sources.

How to Measure Web Traffic

There are two main ways to measure web traffic. The first is to use a traffic-measuring service, like Google Analytics. Signing up for a Google Analytics account is free. You can integrate the solution into your website just by adding a few lines of code. Moving forward, you can log into your account and monitor the number of visits to your website.

Hit Counters

An alternative is to include a hit counter on your site. The counter displays the number of visitors who’ve viewed your pages. Other visitors can see these stats. This is a great way to let everyone know how popular your website is!