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How Much Should I Sell My Domain For?

by | Jul 18, 2022 | Domain Name Blog

Do you want to sell a domain name? Maybe your business has stopped trading. Maybe you’ve changed your business’ name. Or maybe you bought a domain name to sell on at a profit.

Whatever the reason, you’re probably asking: How much should I sell my domain for? In this easy-to-follow guide, we’ll help you work out your domain’s value, show you how domain sales work and teach you how to be a domain seller.

How to Value a Domain Name

It would be wrong to think that all domain names are equal. Some are highly valuable, while others have no resale value at all. But what’s the magic ingredient?

value a domain name

What Makes a Domain Name Valuable?

Premium domain names are the most valuable domains. Here’s what makes them valuable:

  1. Real Words: Premium domain names usually include real words, spelled correctly.
  2. Length: Short domain names are typically worth more than long domain names. Most premium domains are 1-3 words long.
  3. No Hyphens: would probably sell for more than
  4. Catchy and Easy to Spell: Long, dull or difficult-to-spell domains are off-putting and may confuse would-be visitors.
  5. Generic, Not Specific: Generic terms – like trainers, cars or bikes – usually have more value than specific business names.

You might have noticed that we used a few words like ‘typically’ and ‘usually’. That’s because the most valuable domain names sometimes break one (or more) of these ‘rules’.

What is Domain Appraisal When Selling a Domain Name?

One way to ensure you get the best price for your domain is to use a domain appraisal service. This provides an expert valuation for a domain name. A domain appraisal can be either manual or automated. This means it’s either performed by a human expert, or by an automated domain value calculator.

A human appraiser will look at the main points we listed above, and provide a valuation based on their experience. An automated domain value calculator can provide general guidance, but may not be as accurate. Most calculators use AI to compare domains to databases of sold domain names.

Where Can You Sell a Domain Name?

Domain Marketplaces

You can sell a premium domain name on a domain aftermarket. There are many of these marketplaces operating all around the world. The largest of these are international – GoDaddy and Sedo are popular examples. Others focus on specific countries or regions.

Choosing an international domain aftermarket isn’t always the best choice when you want to sell a domain name. While these platforms can offer global exposure, they also come with a whole world of competition. (Literally.)

Choosing a platform that serves a specific country reduces competition. It also means the right buyer has a higher chance of seeing your domain name.

There are 2 main ways to sell domain names on a domain aftermarket:

Fixed-Price Listings

Fixed-price listings are the simplest way to sell a domain. Just set a fixed price for your domain – or use the value suggested by a domain appraisal or domain value calculator.

Domain Auctions

If you’re unsure how to price your domain name, you could auction it instead. Auctioning your domain to interested buyers means users bid to own the name, allowing the highest bidder to buy the domain. Some auctions allow you to set a reserve price, to ensure your your domain name sells for the correct value.

domain auction

Introducing Tasjeel’s UAE Domain Aftermarket

At Tasjeel, we’ve developed our own domain aftermarket for premium UAE domain names. You can use our platform to sell domain names that:

  • End with the .ae or .emarat domain extensions.
  • End with the .com or .net domain extensions – if the domain name itself is relevant to the UAE or Middle East.

We’re dedicated to helping sellers achieve the best prices for their domains. If you own a domain, we can tell you whether it qualifies as a premium domain name. We can also provide you with an expert domain appraisal, to work out what the domain is worth. To start the process use our contact information below.

The Selling Process

Now that we know how much to sell the domain name for and where we’ll sell it, let’s look at the process to sell the domain.

Prepare Your Domain Name

Highlight the current and potential value to the interested party. Let them know that this domain name is worth buying by showing off the current traffic or the authority the domain has picked up over time. The majority of domain sellers will simply upload their listing and leave it as that. We can increase the domain’s worth and improve its sale through extra information.

Use an Escrow Service

If you’re not using an action site or a legitimate marketplace it’s important to set up an escrow service. This will prevent you from being scammed or tricked by fake potential buyers. The escrow service works as a middle man, holding the funds from the process until each party is happy.

Transferring the Domain Name

You’re finally ready to say goodbye to your domain name and sell it on to the new owner. The process will depend and change on each method you use, but the typically process for this is as follows:

  1. The seller will submit an authorisation code to begin the transfer.
  2. Once the transfer is completed, the seller can then remove the funds from the escrow.

Now the new owner has the rights to the domain name and will change the DNS records of the domain within their domain registrar.

Looking to Buy or Sell Domains?

If you’re looking to buy or sell domains then view Domain Exchange for more information.