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What is Email Hosting?

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Email Hosting

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of email hosting. Maybe someone suggested you should be using paid email hosting. Or maybe you’ve read that it’s the best way to present your business professionally to customers.

But if you find yourself confused by all the options, then keep reading. We’ll explore the subject in detail, but first, we’ll answer the most basic question – what is email hosting:

Put simply, email hosting is an internet hosting service that allows users to send, receive and store emails. Email hosting companies use powerful servers to provide this service.

Why Email Hosting is Important

Your customers expect to be able to contact you via email. If you don’t provide this option, then you’ll lose business to competitors who do. But the benefits of email hosting go beyond staying in touch.

Branding Benefits

A paid email hosting plan will allow you to create branded email addresses based on your domain name. This way, your email address could look something like this:

[email protected]

Free Webmail Service

The alternative is to use a free webmail service, like Gmail from Google. This way, your email address could look something like this:

[email protected]

As you can see, this doesn’t look as professional. Your customers will expect better of your business – especially if you already have your own website and domain name.

How to Get Email Hosting

We’ve answered the question we began with – what is email hosting. We’ve also explained why it’s an important aspect of your branding, and why free webmail isn’t as effective. Next, let’s look at how to get email hosting.

Web and Email Hosting

Email hosting and web hosting go hand in hand, offering a convenient solution. Your website hosting provider may offer email as part of your plan.

Here at tasjeel, our own web hosting comes with free email addresses built in. Alternatively, you can choose from our email hosting plans to find a package that meets your needs.

G Suite

We looked earlier at how Gmail addresses don’t look very professional. But what if you rely on Gmail for personal use and like the interface? Then G suite might be the perfect solution to your issue.

Our Gmail hosting combines the best of both worlds: You’ll get all the G Suite features you know and love (Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs). Plus, you can use a custom email address matching your domain name.

Learn More About Hosting

Our article on setting up a business email includes extra details – like how to create multiple mailboxes for different departments within your business.