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What is a Domain Name?

by | Feb 2, 2019 | Domain Name Blog

You can think of a domain name as being a website’s address on the internet. Each domain name is unique (although many can be similar) and having a unique address like this allows people to arrive at the right website, simply by typing its name into their browser’s address bar.

Types of Domain Names Available?

Domain names are vital to the functioning of the internet, but they also play a big part in businesses’ branding and marketing strategies; a good domain name should be memorable and easily identifiable with the business that owns it.

Many businesses like t­o use their company’s name; others choose a name that reflects the service or products they offer. Alternatively, many people simply opt for something short, catchy and attention grabbing.

Choosing the Best Domain Extension

An important part of every domain name is the domain extension, and this is what most people mean when they talk about the different ‘types’ of domain name. There are many domain extensions available – the most popular is ‘.com’, and this is the perfect choice for businesses that want to establish a global presence. But what about companies that want to appeal to people in a specific country?

That’s where ccTLD’s (country code Top-Level Domains) come in. Each ccTLD is specific to one country – for instance, the UAE’s ccTLD is ‘.ae’. If your business trades mainly in the UAE, then choosing the .ae domain extension is the perfect way to let everyone see that fact – simply by looking at your website’s address.

As well as building trust with the public, .ae domain names are also good for SEO, and could help your website to rank a little higher on

How to Set Up a Domain

It’s easy to set up a domain name, you just need to register it correctly – and that’s where domain name registrars (like us) come in. The first step in the process is to make sure that the name you’ve chosen is available. Our domain name search tool makes that simple – and even suggests alternatives if someone else has already registered the name you’re thinking of. Once you’ve found your dream domain, you’ll just need to provide some basic details in order to purchase it.

Setting up a domain is fast, simple and affordable, and most people actually spend much longer choosing the right domain name than going through the set-up procedure!

How to Transfer Your Domain

Domain transfer is the process of switching between one domain name registrar and another. There are a few reasons why people consider making a domain transfer – the commonest reasons are to access a better level of service, or to benefit from lower domain renewal fees.

Just like setting up a domain name, the domain transfer process is very simple. For most types of domain names, you’d start by contacting your current registrar to get an auth/EPP code (which is needed to authorise the transfer). You’d then provide this code to the registrar you’re switching to. However, .ae domain transfers are a little different, and rather than going through your current registrar, you can obtain your auth code here:

Either way, transferring a domain is usually fast and hassle free, and can have numerous benefits if you’re unhappy with your current registrar.