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What Are .ae Domains?

by | May 25, 2023 | .ae Domains

Your domain name is the foundation of your online presence. Not only is it how people find you online, but it’s their first encounter with your brand, on your terms. What kind of experience do you want your audience to have?

Control Your Online Presences

While lots of companies start by establishing themselves on social-media platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook. They quickly learn that they have no say in how they’re presented to those platforms’ users. From site functionality to visibility, everything is taken out of your hands. When you own your domain name, you hold the key to controlling how you present to the world.

Hold Up, What is a Domain Name?

what is a domain name?

It makes sense to begin at the beginning! A domain name is a unique address that identifies a website on the internet for humans.

IP Address to Domain Name

Every website on the internet has an IP address, which is like a set of GPS coordinates for the web. Nobody is ever going to remember a 32-bit number. So the domain name system uses letters and numbers that we can understand and easily communicate to each other. This is why its known as a web address, its where your website is located.

The Domain

Let’s look at our own domain name: To the left of the dot is the second-level domain: “tasjeel”. That’s us!

Top Level Domain

Now, to the right of the dot is where the magic lives. That’s the top-level domain (TLD)—in this case, “ae.” Sometimes you’ll hear the TLD called the domain extension, or just “the extension”.

Domain Extensions

Every domain name will have a suffix that indicates what TLD it belongs to. Examples include gov, org, edu, net, ca, io, and many more. As of 2022 there were over 1600 domain extensions—and more are on the way!

The new TLDs give every business and individual an opportunity. This is to select a TLD that best fits their brand and online identity.

New Domain Extensions

There are thousands of domain extensions available, including com, org, net, and oh so many more. There are domain extensions like tech, lawyer, mom, and more. You’ll also find domain names specific to certain countries in the world. This is where things get interesting!

ae and com

The TLDR on ccTLDs

Country code top level domain (ccTLD) are exactly what you think they are. Country code domain extensions for particular countries. For example, ca for Canada, de for Germany, and…drum roll, please… ae for the United Ara Emirates (UAE).

Examples of ccTLDs:

  • ae is United Arab Emirates
  • uk is United Kingdom
  • de is Germany
  • ca is Canada
  • US is United States of America

History of the ae Domain

The ae domain goes way back to 1992. You may remember its when Whitney Houston was at the top of the pop charts with “I WIll Always Love You”!

ae Domain Names for Companies and Individuals

While some ccTLDs have strict requirements on who can use them, the ae domain is open to anyone in the world. There’s no easier way to show that you mean business in the Middle East than with a ae domain. Establishing a local online presence in the UAE is just a domain name away. It’s a super-fast way to generate visibility and trust in the local market.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are most famous as the UAE’s centres for commerce and culture. It welcomes investors, entrepreneurs, and visitors from all over the world.

Web Host Customer Storage

Companies based in the UAE have to store their customers’ data within the Emirates. So the ae extension conveys that dynamic to your audience—it shows them that you’re legit.

Passing the Radio Test with ae

As a rule, you want your domain name to be short, memorable, and easy to say. This is called “the radio test”, and you definitely want to pass this test!

Create the Perfect Domain

Companies should think of this as branding. Individuals should place a brand domain name very high on their list of priorities when planning an online presence. Even if they don’t necessarily think of themselves as a “brand”.

The domain name you want is much more likely to be available on ae than on com. This way you don’t have to compromise on your online identity through weird spelling or punctuation changes.

Find Your Domain

Nothing is more frustrating than telling a potential customer. “Yeah, we’re maaking-waavescom, that’s with two a’s in both words, and a dash between them.” No, thank you! Also, ae names are often way more affordable than com names!

If you’re looking for more information on Finding the Perfecting Premium Domain check out our previous article.

How to Buy a Domain Name

buy a domain name

Buying your domain is really easy. This is the short version of how it works:

The ae domain extension is administered by the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority of UAE (TDRA). They have accredited to act as a registrar—this means we can legitimately sell ae domain names. Only certified registrars can provide domain administration in the United Arab Emirates. So you first need to find a domain registration company like

Steps for Registering a Domain Name

This isn’t rocket science: registering a ae domain is extremely simple. There are really only three steps once you know what you want your ae domain name to be:

  • Pick a brandable name
  • Check that it’s available as a ae
  • Register your new domain name

That Easy

No, seriously, that’s it! We’re pretty sure you don’t care about the back-end stuff. So we handle things like DNS management for you. (Don’t know what DNS is? That’s okay, you don’t have to!)

Add-on Services

When you’re ready to turn your domain into a full-fledged online entity we can help. Adding services such as email addresses and web hosting we’ve got that covered as well. This is all for less than AED1 per day!

Get Your Business Online Minutes

That includes twice-daily backups, plenty of storage space. As well as apps such as WordPress so you can bring the website of your dreams to glorious life! Of course, our five-star support team is behind you every step of the way.

Domain Transfer Process: Tasjeel Has Got Your Back

If you already have a domain name and want better service at a more affordable price, we make it super-easy. Transfer your domain with us. Just visit our domain transfer page to get started. The whole process will be completed in just a few minutes, no sweat! Service You Can Trust

We got into business back in 2009. Because there are so many brilliant and creative people here with amazing ideas to bring to the world. Nobody was providing fast, easy, and affordable ways to get a domain name, email, and website launched. So we stepped up!

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